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It’s hard to believe that YouTube only launched in 2005.

The ubiquitous online video site has over 17 million unique visitors in Canada each month. YouTube offers advertising opportunities as well as the opportunity for people and businesses to create their own YouTube Channels and showcase personal content and promotional videos or commercials in one convenient location with links back to their website.

This YouTube channel can serve as an advertising platform for your business in a number of ways.

MB has experience and expertise in creating great YouTube content.

Let MB Grow Your YouTube Channel

MB can set your company up with a polished YouTube Channel, with strategic names and tags to attract viewers in your target market. MB can also provide cross-promotion of your YouTube channel with your website and your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Marketing Breakthroughs will find solutions that give your videos a leg up on the competition. We’re here to help you grow, and we do it by providing expert advice and excellent value.

If you don’t have promotional videos and commercials, we can write, outline, produce, shoot, and edit a promotional video or commercial that will be worth more than a thousand words.

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