It’s no secret that business has changed dramatically in recent weeks. Many companies and industries are struggling to reinvent themselves on the fly to deal with ever-changing circumstances and new challenges. Whether you are pivoting your business to overcome recent barriers, or seizing this opportunity to strengthen your position, digital marketing is key to your company’s survival during COVID-19. Some of your competitors have panicked and put a stop to all of their marketing efforts. For the foreseeable future, traditional face-to-face channels of marketing are no longer an option. Conferences, networking, and trade shows are off the table. In the meantime, you’ve got expenses and need to keep revenue flowing in. Here are a few ideas to help your company adapt, thrive and gain a competitive advantage.

Digital marketing is an effective method to mitigate these problems. Perhaps you can benefit from a paid social marketing campaign designed to target your ideal customers. After all, many of them are home and spending much more time on social media right now. This is a smart and powerful way to get your company in front of people, introduce your business to them and nurture relationships with those you already know.

Do you have a website, and if so, is it ready for COVID-19? Many businesses have a minimal online presence. To ensure your company’s survival during COVID-19, it may be a good idea to upgrade your site and get into e-commerce. Sell your products online, offer touch-free pickups, home delivery or even mail order. At the very least, let your customers know how the current crisis is impacting your business practices and hours of operation.  

Social isolation may require you to change your methods of interaction. Perhaps now is the time to offer virtual consultations. Offer products that compliment your services, complete with instructions. Your clients will be grateful, and new customers will seize the opportunity.

Right now is a good time to invest in your company’s search engine optimization (SEO). A business that ranks higher in the search engines tends to be rewarded with trust, translating into more sales. At the same time, you’ll improve the customer’s experience as they spend time on your website. If you’ve decided to pause your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, move those dollars into SEO, and enjoy long-lasting results.

Alternatively, consider the benefits of a low-cost, long-term strategy such as content marketing. This approach delivers value to your customers while helping to solidify your organic positioning in search engines. It can even save you money over time.

Some industries will enjoy greater opportunities at this time. If your business is one of the lucky ones that will do well in the current situation, a smart Google Ads campaign will put your business at the top, and allow you to reap the benefits. 

Adaptability is the key to resilience. Digital marketing can help your company to survive during COVID-19, as you adjust to current conditions. If your company has been slow to embrace digital marketing, now is the time to readjust your strategy. COVID-19 is going to create long-lasting effects, everything from greater use of collaborative tools, to fewer face-to-face meetings. Your previous marketing efforts may take a hit post-COVID-19, impacting your future success. That trade show budget? Divert it to digital marketing and track the results today.

These are just a few ideas to tackle the changing landscape. Creating a proper marketing strategy to locate your customers online, and taking a variety of approaches and tactics to successfully acquire business is exactly what Marketing Breakthroughs does. From innovative ideas to long-term strategies, digital channels offer benefits and opportunities to not only help your business survive COVID-19 but to thrive afterwards. Once the world gets back to normal, your business will be stronger and healthier than ever.