Wrangler Jeans recently revealed its new look for the 2010 Spring/Summer season. And it’s red hot!

The campaign is titled “Red” and it builds on the “We Are Animals” concept that Wrangler Jeans introduced back in 2008.

The new ads feature scantily clad men and women covered in red dirt, who look like they’ve been shipwrecked on a deserted island.

It’s sexy, it’s animalistic and it has me wondering…what is Wrangler thinking?

Knowing your target market and identifying their needs is the key to every business’ success. Trying not to alienate your loyal customers is another. Companies who try to be too many thing to too many people, tend to give off the impression that they don’t really know what business they’re in.

The way I see it, this is exactly what Wrangler Jeans has done with “We Are Animals”. They’ve completely gone against everything that the Wrangler Jeans name was built on. Wrangler is about comfort and value not image and sex appeal. Their jeans are meant for cowboys and All-American football players. Not models and indie singers!

Although this campaign is only running in the more fashion-forward Europe, I still believe that Wrangler Jeans should stick to their roots by focusing on durability, comfort, and value.

What’s your opinion?