mb-blog-post-2017-plan-r1v1-longAs 2016 draws to a close, I am reminded of my first client, Bob Robertson, CA, formerly the Managing Partner of Wilkinson + Company LLP in Trenton, Ontario. For many years, up until Bob’s retirement in 2011, he was also my accountant and financial advisor.
When we met to discuss Marketing Breakthroughs and our financial results each December, Bob always concluded his annual review with a question; “Steve, what’s your plan?”. The first-time Bob asked me this question, I remember being somewhat flustered and taken aback. Here was an accountant asking a CEO about his plan for the next year. What public accountant has the wherewithal to pose such a basic yet tough question?
The first-time Bob asked this question, despite the fact that I coach my own clients on the same topic and would be regarded by many as an expert in this field, I found myself struggling to provide Bob with a clear and brief summary of my game plan to improve my business.
So, take a lesson from Bob Robertson, and as 2016 draws to a close, have a talk with yourself (and your colleagues at work) about what’s really happening and what you can do to make a measurable difference and significantly improve your results in 2017. According to Bob, you should be able to list on one sheet of paper the four or five main actions that you are going to take, beginning in January, to change the status quo and really drive your company forward.
If you get stuck and are looking for a fresh opinion, why not give Marketing Breakthroughs a call? We thrive on challenges, no matter how big or small.