Yesterday, today, and tomorrow we’re moving part of the offices at MB over across the hall, and creating a lot more space for our firm.

These are the things I’ve learned so far from an office move:

  • Everyone has way too much stuff on their desks.
  • It turns out that we did have those computer manuals somewhere.
  • You need cleaning cloths because all those places you can’t see are absolutely covered in dust.
  • However many boxes you have, you should have brought/bought more.
  • Related to that last point, wiped down recycle bins make great boxes.
  • One computer and its wires per box; as long as you keep everything for one computer together, it’s easy enough to figure out.
  • Moving file cabinets? Get a dolley.
  • Now is an excellent time to purge all the stuff you don’t need.
  • Plan out the changes for the phone and Ethernet wiring well, and you’ll be “down” for less than an hour or not at all.
  • Now’s the time to reconfigure all your extra power bars and outlets. By planning ahead of time instead of just plugging more and more new stuff in as you need it, you can usually save an extra power bar or two.
  • Getting things for the new office like tea kettles and tall plants is more fun than you’d think.
  • Hey, remember the company website? Change your address.
  • The normal garbage bags you use are not going to cut it. Get bigger ones.
  • A lot of paper will need shredding. Plan for this.
  • Keep one note paper, pen, and phone handy because clients will still be calling you.