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Don’t let them tell you differently—technical performance matters as much in Ottawa web development as it does when designing a high-performance sports car. Would you use second-rate, rusty parts under the hood of your Ferrari or Maserati?

We didn’t think so.

People lead fast-paced, busy lives and are often on the go when browsing the web. What does this mean for your business? If your website loads slowly on a mobile phone or (even worse) a desktop device, that prospective customer is gone.

Studies have shown that consumers will bounce from a page (i.e. go elsewhere) if it takes longer than three seconds to load. This is especially true if your customers are coming from a search engine.

Few new customers have developed the degree of loyalty that compels them to wait for pages to load. For them, it’s as easy as going back to the search engine to look up another competitor whose website serves their needs and caters to their wants.

Better Web Development in Ottawa

Our Ottawa web development team will perform an audit on your website to determine how well it is currently performing. Our expert web developers will use the latest tools to determine the opportunities for improvement.

Then our Ottawa web development team will take steps to correct the problem. We will dive deep into the code of your website to identify the problems and suggest solutions. Your website will remain live during this entire process.

Sometimes, the problems may be so extensive that it’s actually less expensive to design and launch a new website. If this is the case, don’t worry­­–we’ll tell you!

Our first priority is delivering results in the most efficient way possible. We’ll never just rack up time and send you the bill.

The Benefits of Fast Websites

When we’ve finished, you’ll have a faster website. And faster websites mean growth. It may not happen right away, but over the long term you’ll see your traffic go up, both in terms of new and returning customers.

The speed and performance of a website is something Google measures when it “crawls” the site. This is very important for SEO, and it is very likely that a faster website will contribute to positive results in search engines.

Our team of Ottawa web development gurus will bring your old website into the new era of the Internet. You’ll find that it will be able to handle things that it wasn’t able to before.

Marketing Breakthroughs: Ottawa Web Development Experts

We have a proven web development record. Our staff is experienced and keeps up with the latest internet trends.

Marketing Breakthroughs invests in the professional development of its staff to ensure that our knowledge remains up-to-date and relevant, which in turn gets you results. We are a valuable asset to your company.

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