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Your website is very important. It is the face of your brand online. For many businesses, websites are the primary method of attracting new business.

And websites need hosts. Hosts are servers that hold all of the data for your website and serve the bits and bytes to visitors. They receive information from your guests and send them information in return. But some hosting services are better than others.

Bad hosting can create an unstable website, or even one that has security vulnerabilities.

If your website goes down, it can mean a serious loss of recognition and a loss of revenue. But if your website gets hacked, you may be liable for the stolen information of your customers.

So don’t entrust your business website to a hosting service that offers minimal support. For your Ottawa web hosting needs, choose Marketing Breakthroughs.

The Advantages of Hosting Through Marketing Breakthroughs

If you’re looking for web hosting in Ottawa, Marketing Breakthroughs is the place to go. Our hosting providers are screened using a rigorous evaluation process: and we eat our own kibble too. Our website is hosted using the same service that we recommend to our clients.

We have many advantages over other web hosting providers:

  1. We are accessible: If you have a question about your website, or you’ve noticed something amiss, give us a call. We’ll quickly set things right.
  2. We’re local: We know the Ottawa market like the back of our hand. Through strategic partnerships with world-class providers, we can offer you exceptional hosting rates that won’t break the bank.
  3. We don’t mark up: We don’t mark up the costs of your hosting. All you’ll ever pay for is our time.
  4. We speed things up: We can perform performance audits on your website to ensure that they can deal with even the most taxing demands.
  5. We can create your website: Whether you’re hoping to create a mobile website or a WordPress build, we have the expertise to build you a beautiful website.

Safe and Secure Web Hosting in Ottawa

We work with our web hosting partners to ensure that your website is secure. Security is a major concern, especially for companies who deal with eCommerce.

We take your security concerns very seriously, and employ every tactic that we’ve built up over our 18+ years of experience to make sure that your website is locked down tightly.

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