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If you’re looking for “video production Ottawa,” you’ve come to the right place: MB is one of Ottawa’s premier video production companies.

You know that saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Online, a moving picture is worth a hundred thousand.

Studies have shown that visitors tend to linger on the site longer, and spend more time absorbing video content. Industry stats show that most web users have short attention spans, jumping from site to site in only seconds. But online video slows them down, creating a “sticky factor.”

Video Production Ottawa: Leading the Field

Quality matters. To get results, you need promotional video that:

  • Has a glossy, professional look – as though you’d spent a million bucks on it.
  • Ties in seamlessly with your existing advertising strategy. Other video companies may just produce a “one-off” for you. But MB is a full-service marketing company, so we orchestrate your video to reinforce your overall messaging.
  • Pitches your product or service so deftly that viewers will be persuaded to take the action you want.
  • Helps drive visitors to your site, via search-engine optimization. Having video boosts your traffic, so more customers will find you.

Marketing Breakthroughs’ video production Ottawa based specialists will help you retain your online customers. Our in-house video production team can quickly produce a wide variety of video products. Whether you want a 15-30 second ad or a 2-10 minute promo video, MB can do the whole job and get it done at an affordable price.

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