It’s no surprise that online videos are playing a large role, not only in video marketing and branding, but also in society as a whole. Want to listen to a new hit song? Watch the video. Missed your favourite CTV show? Turn to YouTube. Trying to learn how to “Grill the Perfect Steak” search it on Google…and watch the video.

According to comScore, Canadians viewed more than 5.1 billion videos in February 2011 alone, with the average viewer watching 232 videos. So what is it about Canada that makes video such an important aspect of our daily lives?

It may not be science, but here are my insights;

  1. Wealthy developed nation with a high level of education. This one may seem like a no brainer, but as a wealthier developed nation more of our citizens have access to the technology and resources in order to watch online videos. Also, our high level of education means there are more of us seeking additional valuable information and, more importantly, in as fast a mode as possible. That’s not to say that non-educational videos don’t attract some views, such as this personal favourite of mine… “Muppets – Old Spice Spoof”
  2. Limited access to some American broadcasts. While it may seem far stretched, this point has some real validity. Take, for example, the Super Bowl, where advertising has become almost as important as the game itself. With Canadian broadcasting not showing the highly promoted and astronomically expensive American ads, viewers turn to the web to catch up on what they’ve missed, and advertisers seem happy to oblige with video marketing.
  3. Cold winters and four seasons. While our weather is one of things that defines us as truly Canadian, the cold winters can leave us cooped up for extended periods. This just adds another opportunity to explore the web and view hundreds of videos.

While you can’t ignore the many other marketing mediums, promotional online marketing videos are on the rise. If you haven’t created one yet, it’s time to start. Developing professional video marketing can be quite cost-effective even for small to medium-sized business and can have a large impact on your online presence.

AtlasCare, a Toronto Air Conditioner client, based in Oakville, recently launched a new video on the benefits of a SpacePak air conditioning system. To our delight, the video ranks on the first page of Google for “Toronto SpacePak,” and is being featured on the supplier website, Other video marketing success stories arise constantly, and, as a bare minimum, they are a great way of showcasing your products and services to potential customers in a medium that is becoming increasingly important.