Twitter is obviously the latest and most popular social network to arise from the sea of new web platforms we’ve seen in the past year.

Of course, Facebook is still up there, and it’s taking Twitter on at its own game: Facebook’s Response to Twitter (the press conference for these changes was liveblogged here) and you can find a post by Mark Zuckerberg about Facebook changes here).

I’m fine with this. I find Twitter too limiting, and it would be much more convenient if I could get my tweet fix through Facebook. I also wouldn’t mind if you could do more than write 140 characters of pure text. If you haven’t noticed, that’s pretty limiting. If only social networks that actually allowed more than 140 character of pure text actually become more popular.

I don’t think Facebook is going to beat Twitter at its own game, but I wouldn’t mind if the Twitter application for Facebook was made better. Hopefully some type of agreement can be reached, because right now the Twitter app for Facebook sucks. I tend to just import by tweets as status updates. That’s alright, I suppose, but I’d like to see something a bit more powerful.