As Twitter’s popularity continues to grow and acquire new users, it being discussed online that Twitter is becoming a major player in the search engine world. You see, when you’re logged into Twitter you can always search for topics in the query bar.

For example, if you search for “Ottawa Event” using Twitter, every time someone has tweeted about an Ottawa event, posted a link about an Ottawa event, posted a picture of an Ottawa event, then it will appear in the search results. Therefore, the Internet is at your finger tips with Twitter…just in a different way than how Google presents it. Well, this could really change the way we search online, right?

“If something big is going on in the world, you can get information about it from Twitter”. See the TechCrunch article about Twitter as a Search Engine.

But there is a flaw with this idea. All of these search results come from the Tweeters themselves; all the content is user-generated. Why is that a flaw? Because Twitter users are of a certain demographic.

According to the most recent statistics from Neilsen, the majority of Tweeters are between the ages of 25-54 years old. Therefore, if you don’t fall into that demographic, you may not be finding all the possible results you’d want because “your kind” are not talking on Twitter.

So, will Twitter become a valuable search engine tool, or will Google remain the dominant search engine?

Let us know your thoughts.