“Twitter’s power is in its authenticity and transparency.” – Aaron Brazell

“People don’t want mediocre interaction.” – Seth Godin

Marketing on Twitter isn’t the same as, say, marketing on television. On television, there’s a time for content and there’s a time for commercials. On Twitter, people will have no patience for flat out advertisements. If you “tweet” a blatant advertisement, people will just ignore you.

Twitter requires interaction. That’s the point. It’s not a place to shout out announcements.

This does not mean it’s useless – far from it. It’s a good way to build relationships and network. And yes, when you put in the time to talk about this and that with those following you and those you’re following, you’ll have the authority and the trust to announce new developments with your company and brand.

And when you do have that authority and trust, these announcements will be even more meaningful. Because the relationship between people on Twitter is not the relationship between an advertiser and a consumer. It’s more like a friendship.

Once you’ve built those relationships, you can talk about your company positively and people will genuinely want to hear more. That’s the advantage.

Right now, Marketing Breakthroughs isn’t on Twitter (Update: @MarketingOttawa). I am, though. (By all means, follow me; my username is MikeLesiuk) We’re not on Twitter at MB because right now we’re working to build our marketing blog.

Twitter may not be for you, but I suggest you check it out. Get an account. Even if you decide it’s not for your company, it may be valuable for you and your personal brand.

And who knows, you may have a bit of fun. Did you know that you can find Shaq is on Twitter? It’s true. You can join one of over 24,000 people currently following him:

His username is @SHAQ by the way! I’ll be honest: I can’t get enough of Shaq’s tweets.

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