Tim Hortons is in a bit of hot water due to a marketing misstep. Their latest television commercial is a touching one, so much so that many viewers were moved to learn more about the featured family, the “true story” that this commercial was based on. The problem there is that there isn’t one.

Dakshana Bascaramurty of the Globe and Mail burst everyone’s bubbles today, reporting that Tim Hortons spokesperson David Morelli says the commercial was in fact based on “an amalgamation of stories”. Cue eye-rolling by cynics everywhere.

Does this fib take away from the commercial? It is still heartwarming and patriotic, but it would definitely be even more so if we knew that it was 100% authentic. What do you think? Are you disappointed in Tim Hortons for misleading the public or should we expect such little white lies in today’s advertising realm? Let us know what you think!