Marketing-Breakthroughs-Ad-Agency-Ottawa-Blog-Why-Your-Ads-Wont-WorkYou have a product or service and you need to get people buying it. Whether you are a large company or a small business, advertising is necessary to get the word out and entice people to make a purchase, but no matter what size the business, mistakes can be made. Ask yourself the following questions, and evaluate yourself and your ads to ensure you have the best chance of marketing success.

Are you attempting to create a feeling of urgency, and expecting customers to act right away?

An ad that puts a deadline on a deal risks allowing customers to forget about them when that deadline passes. These ads focus so much on the value of the deal that they fail to promote the value of the business itself, which means a missed opportunity to build brand awareness and increase loyalty. If more focus is put on the branding in the ad, then odds are people will be more interested in keeping up with the business so they are ready to purchase the next time there is a special offer.

Are you are attempting too much with too little budget?

One of the biggest mistakes that can happen is when an ad fails to decide on a target market, and then instead attempts to market to EVERYONE. It is a better use of your budget to target down to a very specific market, and then use your budget to repeat ads that are meant for their needs. Ads that pop up once (be it on the radio or on Facebook) and fail to be repetitive are not establishing retention in the mind of their prospects. Use your budget to focus in on an extremely targeted market, and then repeat your advertising to them many times. For example, you can spend the same amount of money on a Facebook ad that targets 300,000 Ottawa Facebook users, or you can specify your audience and spend the same amount of money facing your ad to 47,000 people who will see your ad more times and are more likely to purchase.

Do you use any form of false advertising?

Your ads should not make any claims that cannot be backed up somehow. It could be a severe blow to your reputation if you claim to be “the best widgets in Ottawa” and then either fail to deliver, or are called out by someone who actually won the 2014 Best Widget Award. Don’t make any claims that you can’t back up. Remember, you don’t have to turn to these old clichés when you have your own unique value proposition to use in effective advertising.

Are all of your efforts put into passive media?

It is great to have a fantastic website and listings on search sites, but these ads are only effective for people who are already in the market for what you are selling. You have to add in some amount of active marketing, such as social media ads, display network ads, or radio or TV ads to help build brand loyalty in people before they have discovered they are in need of your product or service. This is considered “giving the WHY, and then waiting for the WHEN.”

Have you run an ad without first building a full ad campaign?

A single ad is ineffective on its own. It cannot tell the full story, and it cannot create a momentum to build enthusiasm about your product or service. You should design a campaign that rolls out different information over a specified length of time to highlight the different features and benefits of your product or service. Run it over several mediums to increase visibility, consumer awareness, while enticing your specified target market to buy.

Are you trying to follow a fictionalized set of advertising “rules”?

Even though the “Mad Men” days are over, advertisers are still striving to create big powerful ads that will win over all of the customers. Those days are long gone because consumers are wiser and they now overlook and dismiss traditional ads. The most effective ad campaigns show authenticity with content that truly speaks to a specified target of potential customers.

Do you run your ads at the “recommended” times?

Everyone wants to know the prime time to post on social media, or the best days to publish an article, or when to publish radio or TV ads. The truth is that you are competing against everyone else who wants these same prime times, and everyone drowns each other out while consumers face information overload. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of getting your customer alone away from these peak times when they have more attention to give.

Are you trying to hard to be “on trend” for your target market?

We see advertisers nowadays trying to reach Millennials and other younger markets by investing in mediums such as Snapchat, but is the money and time really worth it? Don’t fail to think out your messaging and evaluate your end goal so you can determine if you are making progress. Also, make sure you understand a trendy medium before you jump into, because if you use it incorrectly you will be creating expensive and ineffective ads at best, or big and unforgivable brand damage at worst.

Are you focused too much on creativity?

Everyone wants their ads to stand out, but not if the message is lost in there. Remember the viral video last year of “Strangers Kissing”? The majority of the millions of viewers have no idea that this video was ad was for a clothing line. Make sure you don’t lose your rationale and ad theory when you are trying to make something neat and memorable. You need to provide information and persuasion techniques to create something truly effective for your brand.

Are you worrying about vanity numbers or other temporary reactions to your ad?

Getting people to “like” your ad, or hearing feedback that people actually “like” it is not a good measure of how effective your ad is in pushing potential clients through your sales funnel. You need to have analytics set up, numbers and tracking that show exactly how your ad is performing when it comes to getting new customers. It doesn’t matter how visually striking or creative your ad is, or how much people “like” it if you are not able to see a measurement that proves the ad is effective in gaining new customers.

Take your latest ad and run it through the ten tips listed above. Are you guilty of any of them? Then it’s time to take your advertising to the next level!

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