Recently, I had the pleasure of viewing the World’s Best Commercials as per the 2009 London International Awards. Although some spots were obviously made with the sole intention of winning awards, others were able to do the near impossible: connect us with the brand in an entertaining and surprising way. Here’s my top pics from the World’s Best:

First up, an automotive ad for
Volkwagen that actually had an idea in it. I say that because the other automotive spots that took home hardware were all about making the Art Directors look like gods, and little else. You can’t help but be charmed by this one and good on Volkswagen for keeping up their tradition of amazing advertising.

How do you take a 19 second beer commercial and make it not only memorable but also absolutely freakin’ hilarious? See for yourself.

Although these were my absolute favs, there are plenty more on the list that are worth watching. Check them out after the jump.