Advertising and marketing are a game of repetition. Many companies have realized this when it comes to their online presence, but a large number of smaller companies fail to realize this in their real-life location.

Your location is often an amazing marketing opportunity if you do it right. Sometimes, on the rare occasion you will run into that one magical snowflake that is doing it right. Pictured above is the sign for a tiny massage parlour located in a bin Jackson’s Trail Mall Stittsville. They’re in the centres’ pylon sign like every other business. The pylon signs are often so crowded, however, that even if you’re looking for something it could take you a while, let alone getting real advertising value out of it! So this store has taken it upon themselves to take their advertising to the next level, and they’re making sure to use repetition.

First, they have a created a very large sign for the side of the road. Most cars driving by are going to notice an add that stands out this much: It’s distinctive, big and the offer is really clear. Take note of the fact that they’re not advertising seven different things. They’re focussing on one: A one hour massage for $49.95. When you drive into the mall parking lot, they’ve put another sign in the middle of the turn-off. This one is also pretty hard to miss and is advertising the same deal: Once again a one hour massage for $49.95.

Finally, when you actually get to see their store, they’re using their own windows to once again advertise the same identical deal.
This company has truly take advantage of their location by advertising to the passing commuters everyday. They’ve also embraced the number one rule in advertising: repetition. Not only, are they carrying the same green logo and branding on all of their signage, including the store, the roadsigns and the pylon sign, they’re also advertising the same deal whenever they can.

When it comes to small business advertising, these guys are rockstars.