Targeted Landing Pages, such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) increase conversion rates by streamlining visitor expectations.

Effective landing pages can be the difference between struggle and success. This blog post discusses the benefits of using PPC landing pages to increase your website visitor conversion rates.

A “landing page” is the first page a website visitor sees and can be any page on the website, often a Home page, especially when a website is found through an organic search. Home pages do not necessarily include a directed sales pitch or phraseology to convert visitors into leads or buyers, more often containing general information about the product or service that is offered.

A PPC landing page focuses on a particular product or service. PPC landing pages are targeted, with traffic flowing from paid ads, email campaigns, and social media. These landing pages contain a clear call-to-action (CTA) and employ the use of keywords and well-written headlines.

User Experience (UX) for Landing Pages

The user experience varies for landing pages vs. targeted or PPC landing pages. Visitors to landing pages are often looking for general information, often without a known purchasing intent. Visitors to PPC landing pages are looking for more specific information, usually with a goal in mind, and if given a targeted landing page, are more likely to convert into a lead or customer. It is up to you to figure out a visitor’s intent based on their search terms and provide the most relevant information.

According to Kissmetrics’ Guide to Landing Pages, “Once you know what your goal for the page is, you need to come up with a clear call to action. This is possibly the single most important part of any landing page.”

UX takes into account user behavior and landing page quality. If information is presented in a clear and focused manner, UX improves. Your search result rank improves as well, increasing the likelihood of your information reaching the correct audience.

Search Laboratory’s Applying Adwords Landing Page UX to SEO, explains that, “Google refines its search algorithm to reward higher quality landing pages, it’s also become a primary concern when optimising pages for rankings in organic search results (SEO), as well as improving overall conversion rate (CRO).”

Here are several methods to help direct and streamline visitors to match with appropriate landing pages and convert leads.

Keep it simple

By reducing graphical and verbal noise and keeping the design simple, visitors can focus on what matters – the product or service. To avoid confusion, your advertising should match your landing pages.

Any additional information on the page, such as images or symbols, must be designed to create trust. All vital information should be above the fold line. Always include your contact information.

Find the right keywords

Keywords must be populated everywhere – in the content, on the landing page, and in the meta data.

If you know what your visitors search, you can tailor their experience by providing relevant information. A good landing page should contain only the vital information needed to convince a visitor to continue down a specific path.

Improve UX and landing page conversion rates

Know your visitor’s intent. Are they researching or are they purchasing? If you are armed with this information, you can direct their visit by showing them the page they need (an informational page or a landing page with a clear CTA). The faster your visitors find the information they need, the better for your business.

Make sure your website is responsive to ensure information is presented in a user-friendly manner.

Time is important

You have very little time to make an impact. Make sure your pages load quickly. Your headline and tagline have to catch attention. Benefits and features must be highlighted. Capture information with a form that has a solid CTA.

Test, test, test

A/B testing and heat maps can help you decide what tactics work best for your audience. If you don’t know where to get started, try researching industry benchmarks. Another great method is communicating with your audience.

You can increase your website visitor conversion rates by creating focus and streamlining your landing pages. If you need help or if you would like a free consultation, contact us.