Stone Deck Innovations

How we helped a local entrepreneur increase the sales of his decking supply business by MORE THAN 200% in just two years

Transitioning from a local landscape supply company to a nationally recognized distributor of hardscaping supplies for landscape architects and homeowners is no easy feat. Over the last few years, Stone Deck Innovations has built a well-deserved reputation based on trust, reliability and quality, leading to their products being in demand in every corner of the country.

In 2018, when this motivated entrepreneur was ready to make the leap and take his business to the next level, he called Marketing Breakthroughs. We immediately got to work doing our homework on the business, the industry and its potential, diving deep into the vertical’s research and pulling insights out of the data. Our team completed a meticulous assessment, before developing a comprehensive marketing plan that produced powerful results.

Starting with a Fresh New Look

Our creative process started with an analysis of the strengths and weakness of this existing brand. This strategic review demonstrated that the existing business was seen as a landscaping vs a landscaping supply company. This distinction was critical for Stone Deck Innovations in how their audiences engaged with their brand and the resulting market share. Our goal was to reposition the business and create a more distinctive and recognizable brand that better reflected their service offerings and could scale nationally.

Marketing Breakthroughs’ first step was to adjust the company’s name and create a powerful complementary identity that would make the brand stand out from its competitors. By combining a brandmark (symbol) with a distinct typeface we created an easily identifiable brand that resembled both the company’s initials (SD) and their stone tile products. Our modern design showcased the brand in a simple yet fresh way to further establish Stone Deck Innovations as a leader in their industry.

User-Friendly Website + e-Commerce

To complement the look and feel of Stone Deck Innovations’ new brand, we redesigned the company website integrating a more user-friendly approach. Not only did we integrate e-commerce solutions, but we also packed the site with useful information to educate potential customers and attract more organic traffic, which then served to reduce the number of customer service calls. We also developed a series of microsites to improve rankings and generate more leads, which are further supported by Stone Deck Innovations’ own blog posts.

Building Brand + Product Awareness

Once the groundwork was completed, we took Stone Deck Innovations’ marketing to the next phase with a focus on building brand and product awareness and continuing the company’s growth trajectory through social media and Google ads.

Stone Deck Innovations turned to pay-per-click (PPC), knowing that paid placement is one of the quickest and most effective ways to market their brand. Marketing Breakthroughs created a success campaign by targeted the right people with the right message, delivering them the return on investment (ROI) they deserved. We built a solid foundation for their paid strategy, one that is designed for long-term growth. Our team created an extensive list of keywords based on the innovative products offered by Stone Deck Innovations, including solution-based terms, while removing broad-matching keywords that drove non-converting traffic.

Through these successful brand campaigns, we were able to swiftly capture additional search volume, while improving the account’s quality score. We created a series of landing pages that offered relevant content, were responsive to mobile traffic and would easily convert. Our strategy led to real results, directly impacting Stone Deck Innovations targets and performance goals.

Printed Materials + Tradeshow Booth

As a multi-faceted agency, we didn’t stop at digital in our efforts to expand Stone Deck Innovations’ reach. Offline, we supported Stone Deck Innovations by designing their printed materials, with targeting messaging and effective layouts to capture and engage audiences. As Stone Deck Innovations is the exclusive Canadian supplier of many of the products they carry, we knew it was important to reach out to potential customers in all arenas. When landscapers, designers and homeowners come together in regional home, garden, and industry trade shows, Marketing Breakthroughs created a powerful trade show booth that presented Stone Decks new and innova