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In early 2015, MB launched a series of specialized services for Ottawa startups, helping them achieve exceptional results and growth. These expert services include:

  • Marketing Coaching
  • Startup Business + Marketing Plans
  • Business Model Coaching
  • Product/Market Research
  • Branding + Naming
  • Digital Advertising Campaigns
  • Investor Pitch Training

All of these services are supported by CEO Steve Klein’s 25 years as a Canadian marketing leader and business coach, as well as the dynamic team at Marketing Breakthroughs.

On January 6th, 2015, Steve gave a talk at eSAX entitled “8 Secrets Behind Every Successful Startup.”

8 Marketing Secrets Behind Every Successful Startup

  1. Define What Success Looks Like FIRST
  2. Commit to ONLY One, Two or Three Concrete Goals, with Specific Dates
  3. Don’t Start without a 100% Fully Completed, Rock Solid, Business + Marketing Plan
  4. Make Sure your Business Model Will Make Money Early and Follows K.I.S.S.
  5. Be Different. Be Remarkable. Define Your Value Proposition Clearly
  6. Do your Homework and Research the Needs of your Number#1 Target Market
  7. Always Remember . . . Great Marketing Is All About Positioning
  8. Find a Seasoned Coach Before You Start Spending and Investing

“With only 50% of startup companies surviving their first five years, having a rock solid business and marketing plan from the start is essential for success,” emphasized Klein. “You need to have a very clear view of your company’s value, where you stand in the marketplace and a list of short and long-term goals.”

Now in its 21st year, Marketing Breakthroughs is Ottawa’s leading digital marketing and branding company, offering the widest range of conventional and digital advertising services in Canada.

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