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Is your social media presence optimized?

Over the past few years, social media has become more important to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As search engines begin to put more weight on the information they get from social media, venues like Google+, Twitter and Facebook are the new frontier of Ottawa SEO.

Let our team of Ottawa SEO experts make sure you are prepared for the ongoing changes. Our techniques provide proven results. Social media SEO is just one part of our integrated search marketing strategy.

Optimizing Your Profiles

At Marketing Breakthroughs, our team of Google AdWords and Analytics certified SEO experts will make sure that you are properly optimized for keywords across all of your social media profiles.

The goal is to increase the chances that someone searching for certain keywords will find your Facebook page, your Twitter profile or your Google+ profile in the course of surfing the web.

We achieve this by doing extensive research into the Ottawa SEO market, determining which keywords you should focus on, and implementing a detailed SEO strategy to get you results.

Integrating Your Social Media

Social media is competitive in Ottawa. The more visible we can make your social presence, the more your SEO will benefit.

A part of our integration strategy includes tying your social media properties and website together. This makes your search engine results more appealing by displaying a photo of the author of your content on Google’s results page. Studies have shown that people are more likely to click on results that have been optimized in this way.

Why You Should Increase Your “Social Signals”

Social signals account for up to 20% of your SEO. What are you doing to take advantage of this? With a trusted partner like MB, you can help build your social presence and create an engaged community of loyal customers who love your service and tell all their friends about you.

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