Marketing your business through social media can be incredibly powerful. Social media marketing can help your business, regardless of size, to reach new and prospective customers in the places where they spend time online. It allows you to speak directly to your audience, wherever they hang out, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube or any of the others that regularly pop up. Delivering a great return on investment, social media marketing can elevate the success of your business, creating loyal & enthusiastic fans of your brand while delivering sales and leads.

Social media marketing is a method of online marketing that helps you to achieve your branding and marketing goals through the creation and sharing of content on social media networks. This may include posting content such as text, photos or video updates or other content that stimulates audience engagement, or even a paid social media advertising campaign.

A well-executed social media marketing campaign can level the playing field in your market, making it easier for small shops to compete with larger rivals. However, this can take a lot of work and time, time taken away from running your business.

When your social media marketing efforts are self-managed, you’ll be taking on a full-time job, in addition to your existing full-time job, or perhaps doubling the workload of an employee. To be successful at it, you’ll need to learn the nuances of each individual platform, along with a wide range of new skills.  This role involves much more than the odd Facebook post. It encompasses customer service, building your audience and engaging with them, strategic marketing, monitoring, testing and analyzing results. You’ll need to be both creative and analytical as well as tactical and strategic to produce great results. Unfortunately, proficiency isn’t developed overnight, and the many hours spent mastering social media marketing are many hours you don’t spend elsewhere on your business.

Sometimes it is both easier and wiser to hire a team of professionals, people who can give your social media marketing the attention it deserves. Professionals are creative enough to dream up the strategy, focused enough to execute that strategy with precision and tenacious, pouring over the analytics, seeing what is working, what is not and quickly readjusting. Since these professionals are fully immersed in the social media marketing world, they are quick to adopt new functionalities and trends.

Businesses can gain a competitive edge in a crowded space by hiring a professional to handle their social media marketing. These specialists understand best practices to achieve the greatest possible results and while also knowing how to maximize your budget. With tried and true formulas proven to generate success in their repertoire, they can help your business scale quickly. You’ll benefit from the expertise and perspective of experts who specialize in this work, and gain an edge when it comes to content ideas and campaign strategies. Agencies also know the potential pitfalls, helping you to avoid costly mistakes.

An agency will also be well suited to help your business stay at the top of your audience’s mind through consistency. They will keep your customers engaged with your brand and your messaging, delivering relevant content that targets your audience and meets their needs while keeping them interested. An agency will also post on a schedule, understanding the ideal frequency, topics and even time of day that is optimal for your demographic on each platform.

Creating content for social media isn’t as simple as copy & pasting the same message on a variety of social media platforms. Instead, an agency will skillfully deliver targeted messaging structured for conversion. Utilizing each platform’s analytics, they will unleash their granular targeting capabilities making your social media marketing efforts go much farther.

Looking to hit the ground running? Paid social advertising is a cost-effective way to broaden your reach. Your business can start driving new sales and profitable ad campaigns almost instantaneously through the use of managed ad services. An agency can help here as well; their expertise will keep you from wasting money as you learn the ins and outs and try to keep up with each platform’s changes.

Thinking about transitioning to an agency for your social media marketing needs? An agency will study your past campaigns, audit your analytics and find ways to tweak and optimize things for better results. They’ll identify the pathways to quick positive outcomes while developing a longer-term strategy. An agency will also assess your competition to confirm the best solutions for your brand and your goals. Finally, a social media marketing agency will focus on meaningful metrics, breaking down the analytics into straightforward results that are easy to understand and won’t waste your valuable time.

Your business can receive a lot of value from social media marketing and having a strong presence on the various platforms. A professionally executed social media marketing campaign can deliver greater brand awareness and positive brand association, customer engagement and of course, more sales.

If you are looking to improve your business’s social media presence and want to learn more detailed information about the consistent, scalable and quality leads you can quickly achieve from it, reach out to us. Marketing Breakthroughs is your partner in digital marketing, supporting and guiding your way through the social media platforms and delivering outstanding results for your business.