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At Marketing Breakthroughs, we know that the full potential of social media platforms is only beginning to be realized. Already, many people have learned to depend on social networks as their primary means of communication.

But how does that affect your business? More and more, companies are expected to be responsive and attentive to customers online, over social networks and other internet gathering places. Social CRM (customer relationship management) has become a large part of internet marketing in Ottawa.

Using social media as a company can be a difficult thing to do. Let Marketing Breakthroughs help you. We are Ottawa’s social media experts. We will help improve and maintain your brand image online.

What is Social CRM?

Social CRM (customer relationship management) is much more than just replying to Tweets. It involves vigilance and diligence.

Companies that are the best at social CRM have developed ways of monitoring social media and forum channels, searching for posts that may be related to them. By doing this, they are able to exert a high level of control on their brand image online and maintain a consistent brand voice.

How do they do it? They communicate. Every time they are mentioned in a forum, whether it is negative or positive, they are there with a response.

Communication is a powerful thing, and while social CRM can be a very effective tool for growing and maintaining your customer base, it can also have disastrous results if entrusted to the wrong people.

How We Help With Negative Reviews

Dealing with negative reviews over social media or in forums and other channels is one aspect of social CRM.

We implement a strategy that encourages the people who think highly of your business to leave positive reviews in those same channels. This causes the negative reviews to be effectively drowned out.

It’s important to realize that negative reviews are not always negative: they can be an opportunity for your company to show its exceptional customer service by responding.

We can respond to negative reviews on your behalf, dealing with the customer’s problem in a constructive way that will make your company look great.

MB Will Create a Great Social Media Image for Your Company

At MB, we are Ottawa’s social media experts. We know this city, and we know how to effectively respond to every social media situation that may arise.

We can manage your brand effectively online, and speak with your voice. To do this, we interview you, study your brand, and get to know your company intimately. We need to behave as if we were your in house marketing team.

We are able to manage all your social media accounts, and post responses on important internet forums.

What do you get?

  • Peace of mind
  • Brand recognition
  • Company growth
  • Happy customers

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