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Okay, so you’re using SEO to bring visitors to your website. But what are you doing to keep them there? What are you doing to make them come back again and again?

That’s where SEO blogging comes in. At Marketing Breakthroughs, your one-stop-shop for all your Ottawa SEO needs, we provide SEO blogging services to help you get more traffic.

Our tactics are proven to get you results. Our team of writers will create excellent, search engine optimized content that will generate new traffic and that your returning visitors will be excited about.

The Advantages of a Blog

There are a number of advantages to having Marketing Breakthroughs’ Ottawa SEO services team write your blog.

1. SEO Optimized

An SEO optimized blog will help drive traffic to your website and strengthen the SEO of your website itself. Our SEO team will determine what search terms are most likely to bring you lead-producing traffic, and we’ll construct blog posts that capitalize on those terms.

For example, if you are a plumbing company, we may create posts that teach people how to fix a leaky sink. They’ll come for the advice, but they’ll stay for your expert services!

2. Reputation Building

A good blog will make your business look like an expert in what you do. Our Ottawa SEO services team does extensive research before creating blog posts for our clients in order to get to know their business effectively.

3. Gain a Following

If you have a blog, users are more likely to return to your website regularly. When you’re offering the occasional new piece of content, people will be intrigued to come back to your website, just to get the latest from your blog.

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