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The world of marketing has changed.

In fact, on the internet, the world of marketing changes pretty often these days. This is nowhere more true than in the fast-evolving field of search marketing.

But not to worry – Marketing Breakthroughs is on top of the latest trends. You can trust us to get you results. We’re leaders in Ottawa SEO for a reason: we do our homework.

We’re experts in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). We’re certified in Google AdWords and Analytics.

We have a proven track record of SEO success. We have optimized many of Ottawa’s most successful online brands and connect the practice of SEO to real-world business fundamentals.

We set goals in line with your key performance indicators and growth targets. Can the other guys claim the same?

What is Search Marketing?

Every day, over a hundred thousand people in Ottawa use major search engines like Google to navigate the web. And you can bet that what comes up on that search engine is going to influence where they go next.

To get more traffic to your website, being visible in search engines is becoming more and more important.

There are two ways to become more visible:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The art of encouraging search engines to put your website higher on their results page, making it more likely to be clicked.
  2. Pay Per Click Advertising: Paying for ad space on search engines. Advertisements on search engines show up first, and many people click on them.

What’s right for you? Often a combination of both approaches works best. Luckily, Marketing Breakthroughs is a one-stop-shop for Ottawa SEM and Ottawa SEO.

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