Branding Ottawa Marketing Breakthroughs RealignEach year that you are in business you experience growth, but how often do you look at adjusting your branding to mirror that growth?

Perhaps when you started out you were focused on just one part of the city, but now you find yourself stretching across more of the capital region. Or maybe you used to sell widgets, but now you sell widgets, widget accessories, and gizmos! However your business has grown, it’s a good time to evaluate your marketing needs.

In “Refresh your Brand to Reflect Your Business” we looked at how much a company can grow over ten years, and how branding that has not been refreshed in 10 years can be weak in comparison to the strength of a decade-old business. Similarly, with the current speed of technology and ever-changing design trends, brands must revive themselves before they quickly become outdated.

When we talk about reviving your brand, we’re not talking about starting a full rebranding process. We are simply talking about small projects, such as updating your business plan and marketing strategy, making tweaks to your logo, joining a new social media platform, or adopting a new web design format. It should not be a lengthy or expensive process, but it should be done to ensure that you are meeting expectations of your current customers.

Consider the fact that while you are busy growing your business, the marketplace is busy changing and adapting to all sorts of influences. Your competitors are branching out on social media, your target market demographic is evolving, and there web and design trends coming in and going out of style every year. Nothing in the marketing and advertising world stands still, so your branding shouldn’t either.

Begin to look at potential reviving by conducting an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses in your current branding. Is your logo sleek and modern? Does your tagline match your company’s direction? Do your graphics instantly show clients what you do? Do your clients respond positively to your indoor and outdoor signage? Remember to not just focus on the digital world. You want to have an impressive physical presence to match your online one, and you want to have radio or TV ads that are as updated as your online spots.

Finally, don’t forget the importance of content in brand reviving. Your story changes every year. Tell it! You complete successful transactions all the time, make sure to publish those testimonials and case studies! With each year you are in business you are adding to your experience and expertise, but no one will realize the benefit of your knowledge and wisdom unless you share it. Starting a blog and posting consistently with your brand message and voice in mind is a perfect way to do that.

Whether it has been one year or ten years, your business can always benefit from examination and assessment. If you are looking for Ottawa Branding Companies that can help with whatever your needs are, look no further than Marketing Breakthroughs to help you get the RESULTS you are looking for! Contact Us Today!