by Christine Goudie, MDes

So your business has finally reached a crossroads… as a medium sized company you have been consistently growing throughout the past few years, gradually expanding not only your staff but also your client base. Now you have a problem on your hands – strong business, weak brand. Your original brand, developed over ten years ago, is simply not standing up to your competition anymore and you wonder what could happen if you increase your marketplace positioning by updating and refreshing your brand.

This does not necessarily mean a complete overhaul of your brand. You like your brand (or…at least have grown used to it). It’s worked for many years and you can’t imagine starting from scratch when your logo, wordmark and/or colour scheme have become such a huge part of your current business. With a brand refresh however, we as your marketing team intend to take your existing brand and make it sing.

So you might ask yourself, what are the pros and cons of such a brand facelift? Will there be client backlash? Will I miss the old logo?

Well here are the answers to the questions you might have.


You will enjoy competitive positioning with updated graphic elements that will not only stand out against competitors but also convey your services more accurately.


Despite initially missing your old brand, don’t worry, we can always meet in the middle if you would like to keep specific colours, shapes or concepts. Clients – your faithful clients are yours for a reason – mainly due to the skills that you embody and the services that you provide. That won’t change. When done right, your rebranding or refresh can fly under the radar to make a virtually seamless transition for both your staff and clients. Logo – despite missing the old aesthetics, rest assured, that your nostalgia will be replaced with a feeling of excitement and motivation by knowing your new brand is strong, stand out and better positioned to compete with your competitors in the marketplace.

So now you’re ready to move forward, take the plunge and embark upon a refreshing marketing journey with us. Excellent. We’re willing, ready and able to take your brand to the next level.