In today’s media-savvy world, nothing tempts and tantalizes a potential client like a well-crafted promotional video. With smart scriptwriting, captivating testimonials, sharp interviews, fantastic pictures and sound, and excellent production values, a promotional video is perhaps the most important investment a company can make to “seal the deal”.

As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Some Eye-Opening Statistics

Over the last year, for example, Canadians spent 1.2 billion more minutes viewing online multimedia than the year before.

In June of 2008, 81.96% of Canadian web users viewed online videos. Of those, the average viewer watched 398.7 minutes and 111.7 videos.

Statistics also show that when a web page offers streaming videos and rich media, web users stay on the page and website for a longer period of time. For a business, this means that they get a much better chance to broadcast their messages to users who are willing to listen.

In addition, distribution costs for most online digital media is zero. And if a well-crafted promotional video goes “viral,” your customers will continue to spread your message for you.

The Future

No longer are promotional videos only expected on the website of large Fortune 500 companies, even small- to mid-sized businesses are expected to have website promotional videos featuring their products, services, and their unique company story. Websites that don’t include promotional videos will soon be left behind.

For more information on the future of streaming video and viral marketing, please see the extended version of this article, which can be found on the Marketing Breakthroughs website here.