For Immediate RELEASE, April 30, 2013

Local Marketing Firm Approaches City to Manage Ottawa Stadium

Former Fat Cats GM Leads Bid to Re-Open Coventry Road Ball Park to the Community, Little League Baseball and Recreational Men’s Ball Leagues

Ottawa, April 30, 2013 – Marketing Breakthroughs (MB), one of Ottawa’s top marketing firms, has an idea that’s sure to put smiles on the faces of hundreds of amateur baseball players and dozens of community groups in Ottawa.

“We were thinking . . . why not unlock the doors at Ottawa Stadium this summer and offer access to the public, and let them use the Stadium for family-oriented community events, and baseball games for men’s leagues and Little League?” said CEO Steve Klein. And then we asked ourselves “What if an experienced facility manager like MB supplied these services to the City on a turnkey basis??”

Klein has the perfect resource to make this happen: and that’s Duncan MacDonald, former co-founder and General Manager of the Ottawa Fat Cats, who joined MB in March 2012.

“I’ve talked with and emailed dozens of people in my baseball network and they just love the concept,” says MacDonald, “so Steve and I put together an unsolicited letter of interest/proposal and delivered it to Ward 2 Councillor Rainer Bloess two weeks ago.

MacDonald has since followed up with Bloess’ office and Mayor Jim Watson’s office, hoping to get a timely reply to his letter. “This is a pure win-win for the City as the Stadium gets used this summer. Rather than just sitting vacant waiting for a new tenant . . . the city gets some much needed rental revenue. We’ve studied the numbers and if we get started right away, we think we can operate a summer of community programming at pretty much a break even during 2013.”

Duncan knows Ottawa Stadium and how to make it work: he made baseball a financial success with the Fat Cats in 2010 and 2011. Widely credited for resurrecting semi pro baseball in Ottawa after the departure of the Ottawa Lynx and the bankruptcy of the Rapidz, he has more than 20 years of experience as a player, pro scout, coach, general manager and is a former Technical Director at Baseball Canada.

Klein and MacDonald say they are also interested in helping Mayor Watson secure a pro baseball team for the City. They hope to meet with Watson in the next few days to offer their services. “Their needs to be a fresh approach and new marketing strategy for attracting a pro team,” says Klein. “The City has such a beautiful facility and world class ball field . . . it would be a shame to see the park further deteriorate from lack of use. The weeds have already started growing in the infield.

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Klein and MacDonald can be reached at 613-721-3335.