Welcome to OttawaMarketingBlog.ca, Marketing Breakthroughs’ brand new online marketing publication! Over the coming months, our staff will share their insights into a variety of topics – from social media marketing to branding and re-branding. The list of topics is long, because there are so many really great stories to tell! Take, for example:

The goal of this blog is simple: helping small and medium business owners get the most out of their precious  advertising dollars. Expect to find expert advice, commentary, and tips along the way!

We understand the challenges of building a business in Ottawa – we work alongside successful owner-operators every day of the week. As a one-stop shop, we help with all their marketing needs, including naming and domain registration, video production and photography, event planning and advertising, and website design and search engine optimization. If a tactic can help promote your business and contribute to its success, we do it.

So follow along on Facebook or Twitter, subscribe to our RSS feed, or simply check back every once in a while to see what ideas we’re brewing in the lab. Stay in touch next month as we give you tips to run a successful holiday marketing campaign. That’s right, next month is Holiday Marketing Month on MBlog!

Care to share some great holiday campaigns you’ve come across? Do you have some awesome holiday marketing ideas of your own? Share them with us in the comments below and we’ll make sure to mention them throughout the month.