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We are a unique type of marketing firm in Ottawa. We do things differently, and we do things better. Our focus is making sure that mid-sized, owner managed clients have a place to go for excellent marketing in Ottawa. And we think we’ve achieved that.

Offering a Completely Integrated “One-Stop” Solution

MB offers mid-sized owner-managed clients a completely integrated, “one-stop” solution not found in Ottawa or anywhere else Canada. In every sense, we have developed into a fully integrated marketing, branding, advertising, graphic design, and communications company.

Much of our work is devoted to helping clients execute the marketing plans and creative projects that we design on their behalf. Since 1995, MB has designed hundreds of marketing plans for clients.

We are known especially for our efficient planning process, as well as for our ability to produce and then implement highly imaginative, yet very practical, results-based game plans.

When you partner with us, you’ve put one of the top mid-sized marketing and advertising firms in Canada on your team. Our company develops long-term partnerships with mid-sized owner-managed clients who are looking for increased revenue, more customers, growth, and expansion. Typically, these partnerships grow and prosper over time as our clients grow and prosper.

Saving Clients Money With Our Managed Services Solution

Many of our clients rely upon us to be their “in-house” marketing and advertising department – a role that we take great pride in.

The MB Managed Services solution is unique in Canada and ideally suited to the client who does not have the time, expertise, or internal staff resources required to achieve their growth objectives.

MB offers the broadest range of services of any marketing or advertising agency in the country. We offer more than 50 different marketing, advertising and branding services that clients can access on an “as needed” basis. Each marketing plan and advertising campaign that we design for clients is tailor-made for their unique situation, timetable, and budget.

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