The MB Design Studio has been generating a lot of new brands in these past few months. We’ve been re-branding, brand-polishing, and brand-enhancing dozens of top-notch companies from all across Canada. Each initiative requires research and development of the competition.

Sometimes even the simplest brands require the most extensive, painstaking, and thorough processes to get to the best final result.

Our process at Marketing Breakthroughs involves researching competitive brands locally, nationally, and internationally in order to assess the positive and negative aspects of each brand’s competition. It also helps us avoid repetitive and generic creative solutions. We then begin the process of piecing together a solution that avoids errors and challenges the front-running designs of our client’s main competition.

Competitive research doesn’t begin at 9 a.m. Monday morning when you sit down at your desk. Rather, it starts the moment you wake up. The average person is exposed to hundreds of brands in a single morning. From the toothpaste logo, to the many pages of advertisements in your morning Ottawa Citizen, you are unconsciously absorbing and critiquing brand logos. I encourage you to challenge your ‘Brand IQ’ and make yourself more aware of brands you like and dislike around you. It will help you develop an appreciation for great design and make you aware to mediocre solutions. And hey, being a self-proclaimed design critic can always be fun!

How well do you know your ‘Brand alphabet’?
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