With only 25 days before Super Bowl XLIV, every sports fan can feel the anticipation mounting, and I’m definitely one of them. Although I don’t follow any team religiously, I am a huge Super Bowl fan! Ever since I was a kid, I enthusiastically tune in to watch what I believe is the greatest televised event of the year.

Why do I think it’s the greatest televised event of the year?

Super Bowl commercials! Although I love the actual game and the half time show, I’m always eager to see what companies have decided to dish out millions of dollars to reach the Super Bowl audience.

With over 93 million viewers in the U.S. alone in 2009, advertising during Super Bowl is seen by some as one of the best ways to introduce a new product or company to the masses. Or re-introduce an old product to those who may have forgotten.

According to MSNBC, the majority of the 62 ad slots available this year have already been sold. Although, the rates have dropped, Super Bowl advertising is still the most expensive ad buy of the year.

Considering there will be over 1,860 seconds of advertising during the game on February 7, I’m very excited for some entertaining material. Allow me to share with you some of the Super Bowl commercials that I’ve enjoyed in the past.