Marketing Ottawa Twitter-Tips Quick Promote Tweets Do you use Twitter’s “Promoted Tweets” tool? Would you find yourself promoting your tweets more often if there was a quicker and easier way?

Twitter’s research has found that many marketers would, in fact, use the promoted tweets tool if there wasn’t so much effort needed to cultivate the best demographic. They have just launched the “Quick Promote” option, which will make it faster and easier to get tweets in front of a larger audience.

Twitter has offered marketers the ability to broadcast their message to a larger audience since 2010. Before that, businesses could only get their message in front of users who have already chosen to follow them on twitter (plus any people that may come across a retweet).

Promoted tweets are a great way to get information in front of more people, which is an especially great option if you are running a campaign with a call-to-action, such as a special coupon or discount deal, event promotion, product launch, or lead generation effort. Promoted tweets show up at the top of relevant searches or in some users home feed. The only difference in the visual aspect of your promoted tweet and a regular tweet is the notation “Promoted” under the tweet, right above the reply/retweet/favorite buttons.

Marketing Ottawa Twitter-Tips Quick Promote Tweets How ToThe Quick Promote tool is easily accessed through the analytics dashboard. How do you get there? Simply select “analytics” from your drop-down menu at the top of your twitter. Select the tweet you would like to promote, and then choose the option to “Promote this Tweet to Drive Engagement”. Twitter will automatically select the audience to broadcast the message to, based on people with similar interests as your current followers and the keywords in your tweet. You can still enter the full add setup feature if you’d like, where you can set your target demographic and keywords.

When you promote a tweet, remember to keep an eye on your Twitter account. Take the time to thank your new followers and reply to anyone who DMs or Tweets you. Remember to follow-up on your promoted tweet. For example, if you are promoting a limited number of coupons or event tickets make sure to announce when they are gone.

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