Marketing Breakthroughs Ottawa Ad Agency Google Display Network March 2 BlogWhat is Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network (GDN) is a system of publishing ads that extends beyond just the text-based ads seen in search results. GDN ads are the text, images, videos, and multimedia tools that are seen on webpages, videos, news sites, games, apps and more. Unlike the Search Network, which targets only the users who are actively typing into the search engines, the Display Network passively displays ads to website visitors, and work much like a billboard ad on the side of the road. They increase brand awareness, drive loyalty, and increase sales.

The Google Display Network reaches over 92% of Internet users, and covers more than 2 million sites. These sites include Gmail, the #1 email site, YouTube, the #1 video site, and Blogger, the #1 blogging site. If you are not already using Google Display Network, you are missing out on a huge percentage of Internet users who have the potential of turning into paying customers.

Put your Ads Where you Want Them

With Placement Targeting you get the ability to choose where your ads will be displayed, and this means choosing sites that correspond to your business. For example, if you sell pet food, you may want to target sites that talk about pet health, animal breeds, or veterinarians. Not only do you get to select where your ads appear, but you can also block certain sites which are either not relevant, or do not align with your brand values.

Contextual Targeting is the next best thing to placement targeting, allowing you to reach a broader audience by using a pre-defined topic. This method allows Google to make the decisions for you, by placing your ad on pages that match your specified keywords. There is no better partner than Google when it comes to finding the best pages for your ads!

Stay in Contact with Users Who Have Already Visited

Have you ever wished you had a way to follow-up with users who visited your website and left without taking action? Remarketing is exactly the opportunity you are looking for. It builds on the old sales adage that it takes 7-10 touches with a potential customer before they make the decision to buy.

Remarketing makes use of cookies to keep you connected with your visitors. You an set up your display ad to follow these people around to other websites, reminding them of your product and serving to drive them back to your site to make a purchase. This is a great catalyst for many people who are hesitating on a purchase for some reason – it is often the push they need to go ahead and take action.

Start your Display Network Ads Today!

It isn’t difficult to set up your Display Network ad, especially if you are already running Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. You can build on the same keyword lists as your regular search campaigns, but now benefit from the ability of showing up on websites, forums, news sites, apps, videos, and more. You can begin with a small budget and a small campaign to start. Pick 5-10 of your top preferred sites that are applicable to your business and place ads there.

When you make your ads, be sure to get one created in every format (text ad, image ads, banner, square, rectangle, and skyscraper), as certain sites have certain requirements and you want to be sure you have one ready to plug in. Don’t forget that Display campaigns should be given the same attention and effort as your search ads. Continuously monitor your reports, evaluate the performance, and adjust them to enhance your results.

Unlike search ads, which can become very competitive, the Display Network is so large that no one can own it all. Jump in and claim your niche!

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