I bet you’ve thought about media training if any of the following have ever happened to you:

  1. You were tongue-tied when a reporter shoved a microphone in your face.
  2. You were interviewed, and kicked yourself afterwards because you missed saying something important or worse: you said something you shouldn’t have.

Most people find themselves thrust into the media spotlight unprepared, and can leave an interview feeling upset and frustrated over missed opportunities. It can take years of practice and bungled interviews to be confident enough to seek out the media. Of course, media training can help accelerate the pace of learning and enhance your comfort level.

Professionals don’t have time to take the “Trial and Error” approach to media interviews. Getting the proper media training means you can quickly step in front of a microphone with ease, and better control your message.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be writing a series of posts that will give you that training and help you excel in your interactions with the media.

Media Training 101

The purpose of this media training workshop is to give you the right tools so your dealings with the media can be positive, stress-free and even enjoyable. There’s a snowball effect; the more you enjoy yourself, the better interviews you’ll give. The better interviews you give, the more you’ll enjoy yourself.

By the end of the series, you will have learned:

  • A greater understanding of how the media operates.
  • How to prepare and present yourself in interviews for television, radio, newspapers and the web.
  • The real scoop on the media and a few “tricks of the trade.”
  • How easy it is to deal with the media and how to build lasting relationships that will serve you and your event in the future.
  • How to take control of an interview, “stay on message” and not let your ideas and words become twisted by the media.

Most importantly you will acquire the tools that will let you walk in to any interview with confidence.


A good interview = good coverage! A great interview = great coverage!

Stay tuned.