Somewhat related to a comment I made on a post of Erin’s about real face-to-face contact vs. social media, I came across a related satirical article on McSweeney’s today:


This isn’t the funniest article I’ve seen in McSweeney’s, but it’s pretty good. This is my favourite part (because I want a Kindle oh so badly):

Week 4:
The Kindle Question

Is Amazon’s wireless reading device the Segway of handheld gadgets? Should it be smaller, come with headphones, and play MP3s instead of display book text? Students will discuss.

My last favourite part of the article has to be the Lolcatz references. Boy oh boy, I really hope that Internet meme dies soon. But overall the article is an amusing little piece, worth reading if you have the time.

For the record, I don’t think social networks are destroying our ability to communicate. But I also don’t think “lol wuts up” is a very progressive linguistic leap for the human race.