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At MB, we love sharing. MB culture, at its very essence, is not only one on personal and professional growth as well as high performance and results, but is one that also emphasizes the importance of building quality relationships with others in order to further the Ottawa business community.

That’s why, on October 15th, we invited Ottawa-area businesses to take part in our exclusive “Mastering Google AdWords” event. Business owners were able to take advantage of knowledge imparted by our own MB experts, Steve Klein (CEO + Creative Director), Dave Delage (Director of Web Marketing) and Paul Austin-Menear (Senior Manager, Digital Experience) as well as Google’s Fred Vallaeys (former Google AdWords Evangelist and Allan Thygesen (VP, Global Small Business). With so many experts in the room at MB, it just made sense to share what we know.

The results of this event were astounding. VIP’ representing businesses from all over Ottawa and from a variety of different industries,-from hotel and tourism to real estate and financial services all the way to fashion and catering,-packed our MB boardroom (and corridors) to the brim. We’re glad that we were well stocked with food and beverages!

After two hours of interactive presentations and learning opportunities, Ottawa business owners were able to learn how to “Buy Better, Get Better Results and the Leads and New Customers” they were looking for. With Dave Delage’s professional expertise in Mastering Google AdWords Campaigns and Paul Austin-Menear’s tips on Mastering Landing Page Design, Ottawa businesses left with information that would allow them to make the most of their online advertising dollars and achieve the results they are looking for. Our guests were all smiles, and so were we.

For more information regarding MB events or services, feel free to contact us at 613-721-3335 or e-mail We’re here to help!