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A sneak peak inside the 29th Annual Gold Plate Dinner at the Hellenic Meeting & Reception Centre.

Tonight is the Hellenic Community’s 29th Annual Gold Plate Dinner, and we’re offering you a sneak-peak behind the scenes before tonight’s festivities begin. For the past six years MB has contributed to the Gold Plate Dinner, with CEO + Creative Director Steve Klein at its helm as the event’s Executive Producer. “It’s all about elevating the event, and that’s what we set out to do,” explains Steve. From securing sponsorships, event planning, production and graphic design to talent management, MB is contributing $30,000 in services to the event, and all for an excellent cause.


MB CEO + Creative Director Steve Klein photographed during Monday night’s event run-through.

The sold-out 29th Gold Plate Dinner at the Hellenic Meeting & Reception Centre is slated to raise $250,000 for the University of Ottawa Heart Institute and the Hellenic Community of Ottawa. This year, the vision of the event is to make guests feel like they’re walking into a 1920’s New York Jazz Club. This world-class experience has been fine-tuned on all levels, down to staff costuming, lighting, decor and live music.


MB’s CEO + Creative Director Steve Klein and Majic 100’s “Stuntman” Stu Schwartz run through the production schedule for tonight’s event.

“It’s the Oscars for the Greek Community of Ottawa,” explains event MC Stu Schwartz, Ottawa’s Majic 100 radio host, during a break at the Gold Plate Dinner rehearsal. “The event continues to get better and better. The first time I did it years ago it was just an empty room without lighting, TV screens, or drapes. It was just a big room with me onstage behind a podium.

“To see it now it’s like it really has gone Hollywood.”



Steve Klein and Erin Giakoumelos, the Hellenic Meeting & Reception Centre’s General Manager, oversee final touches during Monday night’s event rehearsal.

Steve Ramphos, Co-Founder & President of District Realty and the Chair of the Hellenic Community’s Annual Gold Plate Dinner, is thrilled to offer guests another outstanding event. “The enjoyment of the guests is fundamental to the success of the event,” explains Ramphos.

“Obviously when you raise money for two worthy charities, that’s a big part of it. But people go to fundraisers all the time and it’s more or less an obligation,” adds Ramphos. So when your event is the one that they really look forward to, that’s a great event. And of course, while we’re having a good time and seeing friends, we’re also raising money for charity.”

The best part of the event, according to MC Stu Schwartz? “I always look forward to three things: I love the elimination draw, I love the live auction because it’s such a generous group, and I love the after-party in the tent. The tent is always packed.”

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