When MB is invited to a networking event – or any event for that matter – we have a tendency to go all out with our appearance. And when our CEO Steve Klein is asked to be a keynote speaker at said event, well … that’s when things get creative!

Yesterday’s eSax Ottawa networking event at Funhaven was definitely no exception to the rule. After Steve was asked to be a keynote speaker for eSax Ottawa, we took it as an opportunity to expand our professional services to include personal business and marketing coaching for Ottawa startups, small businesses and innovation hubs! And we accompanied that exciting announcement with our very own MB money tree, complete with custom minted MB money. Overall we’ll call eSax Ottawa a very successful night for MB, local startups and Ottawa business.

MB’s new unique and innovative line of professional marketing services offers coaching to local start-ups and entrepreneurs, helping them achieve exceptional results and growth. These expert services include marketing coaching, start-up business and marketing plans, digital advertising campaigns, branding and naming and business model coaching. All of these services are supported by Steve’s 25 years of business and marketing expertise, and the dynamic and talented team at MB.

“With the explosion of new local startups and small businesses in Ottawa, more and more local entrepreneurs will need quality business coaching and plans to make their new companies thrive,” explains Steve. “A great coach can significantly increase your odds of success.”

eSax attendees sat with rapt attention as Steve offered his years marketing and business expertise to a packed room of local entrepreneurs with his talk entitled “8 Secrets Behind Every Successful Start-Up.” Flanked by the now infamous MB money tree, Steve emphasized the importance of having a clear goal and plan before you start out, in addition to the benefits of finding a seasoned coach before starting a business.

“With only 50% of startup companies surviving their first five years, having a rock solid business and marketing plan from the start is essential for success,” emphasized Steve. “You need to have a very clear view of your company’s value, where you stand in the marketplace and a list of short and long-term goals.”

Overall, the team at MB thinks eSax Ottawa was a great way to kick off our 20th year in business. (More on that to come!)