Marketing-Breakthroughs-Ottawa-Ad-Agency-Marc-Thibault-Fine-Interiorscapes-April-27One of the best parts of being a local and all-inclusive marketing agency in Ottawa is the benefit of working with all sorts of businesses and learning who is offering what around town.

In this case, a rebranding project for Fine Interiorscapes has turned into an interior re-design project for MB! Marc Thibault, President of Fine Interiorscapes, has worked with us to help us brighten up the office with new plant fixtures throughout all areas of our location.

Marketing-Breakthroughs-Ottawa-Ad-Agency-Fine-Interiorscapes-Blog-April-27The entire process of working with Marc and his team was tremendously easy. They sent in staff to tour our office and determine the best light sources and spaces for plants to be installed. Not only did they take away the guesswork of determining where we should put the plants, but they also advised on color choices and styles for the pots and planters as well as the best types of plants for all of the spaces.

Their support doesn’t stop there. Marc advised each staff member that there would be technicians who would come in and water and care for the plants, and that we shouldn’t worry ourselves with their care. The technicians would constantly monitor the plants to ensure they were thriving in their location with their light sources, and if we notice anything like leaves dropping off we should leave them and report it to the techs.


Adding plants to an office is a “going green” initiative because in addition to providing freshness to the air quality, they actually contribute to lowering operations and maintenance costs. Plants cool the spaces they live in through transpiration, and they add a bit of humidity that raises employee comfort. This, plus the aesthetic benefit, increase productivity and decrease stress, which is why plants are said to boost overall contentment to an office space.

MB is glad to welcome our new plants to our agency. Our design area received a flowering cactus, said to be a good luck cactus. They can’t wait for the flowers to bloom. Other areas of the suite received cacti, Aglaonema Osaka, or Pothos plants. Our CEO and Creative Director, Steve, was given a ZZ (Zamioculcas Zamifolia) to reside in his office window.

Marketing Breakthroughs CEO Steve Klein with Fine Interiorscapes President Marc Thibault“We are dressing up the office and making it a healthier and more enjoyable space,” Steve explains. “MB is a creative place, and plants increase the creative energy.”

Our employees are commenting: “It feels fresher already!”