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We have designed high-performance marketing strategies and plans in Ottawa, Toronto and throughout Eastern Ontario for more than 20 years. Marketing Breakthroughs can develop a custom-designed strategy that fits your business perfectly. We’ll work closely with you and your team to design a step-by-step game plan that transforms your business and takes it to the next level.

Helping a business owner transform their business requires careful planning and a written document. We’ll help you make the process fun, collaborative, thought provoking and effective. We’ll look at how we can change the game and delight your customers in new and innovative ways. Marketing Breakthroughs is known for our ability to make clients stand out and improve their business models, especially when compared to their major competitors.

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Our Proven Marketing Strategy and Planning Process

Marketing Breakthroughs’ CEO, Steve Klein, and his colleagues have written more than 500 business and marketing plans using a proprietary process that he developed in the late 90s following the teachings of Jay Conrad Levinson, the father of Guerilla Marketing.

Every successful plan begins with a well-thought-out outline and this is true for every plan (as well as every advertising campaign) designed by Marketing Breakthroughs. We believe passionately in Stephen Covey’s famous phrase; “begin with the end in mind.”

Although every plan that we design for clients is tailored specifically for their needs, time frames and budgets. Usually speaking, each plan follows the outline below.

1. Executive Summary
2. Primary Objectives
3. Secondary Objectives
4. Situation Analysis
5. Competitive Analysis
6. Key Target Markets / Description of Ideal Customer Groups

7. Differentiation Analysis / Value Proposition
8. Business Model Assessment
9. Summary of Marketing Strategies
10. Tactical Plan and Implementation Calendar
11. Revenue Projections
12. Marketing and Advertising Budgets

Plans designed by Marketing Breakthroughs are clear, concise and meant to be a complete blueprint for success. They usually include a section that describes how the plan will be governed during the planning period. Usually, the client asks Marketing Breakthroughs to lead the implementation of the plan, however, this is entirely at the client’s discretion.

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Other Marketing Strategy + Planning Services

1. Business Expansion + New Venture Planning
2. Startup Marketing Planning
3. Experience Mapping
4. Marketing Research + Customer Surveys
5. Positioning Slogans

6. Media Buying
7. Media Planning
8. Marketing Calendars
9. Budget Development
10. Competitive Analysis + Monitoring

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reasons to use MB for your marketing strategy
PROVEN SUCCESSMillions of dollars in new sales and profits
ONE-STOP SOLUTIONFlawless execution and the engine to make it all happen
STRATEGIES THAT WORKNot an agency or just another quick idea or opinion
CUTTING-EDGE INNOVATIONNew approaches. New niches. New ways to beat the competition
PASSIONATE LEADERSHIPThe know how to maximize the full potential of your business

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