No doubt you’ve heard that with dips in the market, there are marketing opportunities to be had. Take a look at this story from Advertising Age:

NEW YORK ( — Over the next six months, not only will ad spending be down, but the feeling among advertisers and their agencies toward media such as broadcast TV, national newspapers and magazines is growing more pessimistic. The dreary outlook is courtesy of the new Advertiser Optimism Report by Advertiser Perceptions.

But while the outlook is somewhat bleak for the aforementioned ad media, others like online, cable TV and mobile are likely to attract more of marketers’ money.

Other companies are moving their ad dollars.

What do you do? Be sure you don’t blindly follow the pack. If you move ad money where you know others will too, make sure you’re leading the pack and that you’re doing something very unique with the marketing messages.

Consider putting ad dollars where you know there will be less competition. Take a good hard look at what you’re selling – how will it do in print media?

Just be sure that whatever you do, it’s not done blindly.