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To market your business effectively, you need a group of people who truly understand your brand. This is why many of the top advertisers in the world use in-house marketing teams to do their work.

However, this option is very expensive, and it requires the employment of a team of qualified, dedicated individuals. If you’re a mid-sized company, you simply don’t have the resources to do that.

But you do have Marketing Breakthroughs. Among all the marketing companies in Ottawa, only Marketing Breakthroughs is able to offer what we call our Managed Services solution.

What is The Managed Services Solution?

It’s a way to get all the advantages of an in-house marketing team without having to employ one. The team at Marketing Breakthroughs will learn your brand like no other marketing company in Ottawa can. We will, temporarily or permanently, assume the role of your inside marketing team.

This saves you money because you don’t need to employ your own staff to work on every small advertising project that you embark on.

Plus, we don’t mark up the cost of the media we buy for you. For example, the price of any radio advertising time we purchase for you is passed on to you at cost. All you pay for is our time—just like an inside marketing team!

For almost two decades, we’ve helped many companies grow with our Managed Services solution.

The MB Advantage

At MB, we help you grow. When you choose the Managed Services solution with Marketing Breakthroughs, you get access to one of the best teams available. Our team is made up of marketing experts. Graphic design, web designclassic advertising, search marketing—we do it all. And we do it well.

All of our employees are tuned in on the latest marketing strategies that work. Unlike the advertising agencies in Ottawa, we invest in our employees’ professional development. That means that they remain some of the best-trained marketing professionals in the city. And we get you results. We believe firmly that the purpose of advertising is to grow your company. That’s why we use tried-and-true marketing methods that work. In other words, we get results.

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