Several months ago, Marketing Breakthroughs had a facelift.

It felt so good to walk into our newly designed office, with the light fragrance of fresh paint lingering in the air, and the new, contemporary furniture encouraging us to be comfortably productive.

Recently, we started working on another feature that offers a multitude of advantages for our clients, and truly confirms Marketing Breakthroughs as Ottawa’s leading full-service agency.

Introducing, the MB Podcast Studio!

With the advent of affordable, high-quality broadcast and recording technology, professional recording is no longer the exclusive domain of high-cost studios. Marketing Breakthroughs is now positioned to offer our clients a wide range of studio services, including one of the fastest growing formats – Podcasts.

Podcasting in Canada

What started as a medium to record and distribute interviews and other forms of spoken word has blossomed into an open-ended format for people to deliver all kinds of stories, news, and information.

Canadians are an incredibly valuable group of podcast consumers that are worth reaching. According to a study from late 2017 conducted by Ulster Media and the Globe and Mail, up to 10 million Canadians are listening to podcasts. With a population of just over 37 million people, that means close to 27% of Canadians are podcast listeners.

Also, podcast listening is correlated with higher education. From the Ulster Media survey:

Other Services Offered By The MB Podcast And Recording Studio

With the addition of the Marketing Breakthroughs studio, we’re happy to offer a series of integrative services, such as:

  • Voice-Over: MB’s experienced VO artists have worked on a wide range of audio production projects for agencies, networks, producers and directors. Our studios are equipped to work on anything from video game voice overs to virtual reality (VR) audio tracks.
  • Voice-Over Casting: Whether it’s General Market, Foreign Language, Urban, Kids, Animation, or otherwise, we will find the right voice for you.
  • Voice-Over Coaching: MB offers voice over coaching taught by industry veterans. Our voice-over coaches are broadcast announcers and narrators who have built careers recording television spots, radio commercials, films and animations. Voice-Over coaching sessions are available for all skill levels.
  • Recording: We use our select audio equipment to ensure the highest quality sound recording possible.
  • Radio Ads: Want your radio spot to make your audience stop and listen?  We will make your spot stand out with our innovative audio storytelling.
  • Copywriting and Copy Editing: Writing and editing voice over copy is another area of MB’s expertise. We’ll adapt your thoughts into copy that not only makes sense on paper, but also makes sense when spoken out loud.
Marketing Breakthroughs – Your Podcast And Broadcast Studio Partner

Our team can develop a podcast that can help grow your internal and external audiences. If you’re unsure of what your company needs, feel free to book a free consultation with Steve Klein, our CEO.

Are you ready to grow your business and build a more profitable future? We’re here to help you every step of the way. Contact Marketing Breakthroughs today.