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That’s what marketing is about. Growth.

And at Marketing Breakthroughs, that’s what we give you. You get what you pay for here. We aren’t interested in risky marketing plans that are as likely to lose you money as they are to grow your company.

Instead, we’re in the business of helping mid-sized and owner-managed companies grow steadily and reliably. We do it by providing some of the best Ottawa advertising available.

Marketing Breakthroughs is Talent

MB embraces a creative studio approach to its marketing. Everything we do is founded in tried and true marketing concepts. And we hire excellent people to make your dreams a reality.

We get you results, and we do it faster than anyone else. We are a tight knit office of professionals who have an intensely-focused work ethic. We work hard to make your projects sing, while finding ways to save you money.

Our graphic design team has turned out some amazing projects. That attention to aesthetic detail underlies everything we do.

We do not hire outside people for projects, which costs you more money; we have everyone you need right here. We have copywriters, we have web designers, we have SEO specialists. We have all the ingredients to make your Ottawa marketing project a success. Our CEO and Creative Director, Steve Klein, is the chef. He stirs the pot, and manages the entire team to ensure successful outcomes.

The Managed Services Solution

MB has pioneered a new place for marketing firms in Ottawa. We call it our Managed Services solution. How it works is simple: we are equipped to function as your business’ inside marketing department. This is perfect for owner-managed firms that don’t want to allocate resources to build out a permanent internal marketing team, but want the same benefits for the marketing they produce. Because we only charge for our time and never mark up our media buys, you’re getting exceptional value for your hard-earned cash.

And since we’re just a phone call away, and are fantastic at keeping you informed, you’ll feel like you have your own, in-house marketing firm.

We Save You Time and Money so You Can Grow

We never mark up any of the services we buy for clients. Ever. You pay for our time and expertise—not a hefty markup on the services we buy for you. Can the other Ottawa marketing companies you’ve talked to say the same?

We buy hundreds of thousands of dollars of media each year, and so our clients often enjoy preferential rates from local vendors.

And unlike many Ottawa marketing companies, we won’t keep you waiting. When you call us, you will be put directly in touch with the senior leadership in our firm.

We work quickly and expertly to get the job done quicker than any other Ottawa advertising firm.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us today to book your “no charge, no obligation” meeting to discuss your next project.