It’s been one year exactly (give or take a few days) since Telus Corp. launched its discount brand Koodo Mobile. Hitting the public with retro 80’s exercise-inspired commercials (complete with headbands, leg warmers and lots of spandex), Koodo took off by offering consumers “fat-free” wireless for less. A year later, Koodoo is “brand refreshing”, replacing their fitness-esque branding with something a little more recession savvy, perhaps in an effort to combat Virgin Mobile’s recent “Screw your Recession” brand marketing campaign.

Three new commercials have begun to air. This one, about a “fee-ectemy”, contains many elements that consumers (myself included) have come to associate with the Koodo brand — a penchant for neon and interesting looking individuals, for starters — but swaps the workout gear with wordplay. Clearly the target market is still the same, as is the concept, and the differences are subtle. I guess this is what “brand refreshing” is all about.

A relatively new concept to me, brand refreshing (I am now officially dropping the quotation marks) is a marketing strategy that seems to be gaining a lot of press lately, as more and more brands (another recent example being Pepsi) opt to refresh rather than redo.

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