Looking for that “Dream Job” and an Opportunity of a Lifetime??

Most marketing and advertising agencies in Ottawa depend on the Government for work. Not Marketing Breakthroughs. We’re a much different kind of company—one dedicated to serving a very special and diverse group of owner-managed businesses. Our brand is about helping clients grow and build wealth.

Our clients have vision, drive, and a passion for growing their company to the next level. It’s an amazing rush to be part of bringing someone else’s vision to life, and helping them achieve outstanding success.

If you’re the right candidate, you could enjoy that rush too.


Marketing Breakthroughs is widely regarded as Canada’s finest marketing and advertising company. Proud to be celebrating our 22nd birthday in 2017, we deliver a cutting edge solution driven by the latest industry trends and a huge commitment to continuous learning. We’re always looking for special people to join our team—especially people with a knack for delivering results.

Why Work at Marketing Breakthroughs? It’s about the Experience, It’s about our Culture and Values

Like many high performance companies, Marketing Breakthroughs is all about “going above and beyond” and delivering great results. Our brand promise is “Engage. Transform. Succeed.”

At Marketing Breakthroughs, our brand is our culture, a culture that has been designed to fit the unique values of our highly entrepreneurial, owner-managed clients.

Marketing Breakthroughs is on the move and plans to double in size during the next three years. Each member of our professional staff is highly engaged and committed to helping our company grow and prosper.

There is a unique sense of family at Marketing Breakthroughs. Our workplace is known throughout Toronto, Ottawa and Across Canada for its positive vibe, supportive, collaborative culture and commitment to excellence.

Each member of our professional staff believes passionately in self-improvement and has an active plan to improve their skills and expertise. Marketing Breakthroughs funds many of these professional development activities which includes taking online and classroom university and college courses, attending industry or association courses and conferences, online reading, book reading, and attending events.

Marketing Breakthroughs is a very social company and staff members participate in an imaginative after hours social program. From beers on Fridays, our CEO’s Mystery Nights Out, our Halloween celebration Boo-Rama, to our “Pins and Pints” events at the Merivale Bowl, staff outings to experience the Zorba show at GreekFest, Marketing Breakthroughs offers tons of opportunities for our work family to enjoy each other’s company and have fun!

Benefits and Perks

Marketing Breakthroughs offers a comprehensive, “best-in-class” compensation benefits and perks package that is unmatched in our industry in Canada.

Open Positions

SEO + Inbound Marketing Specialist
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