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In 2010, 52% of Canadians ‘window shopped’ online and 90% of these shoppers used search engines regularly. Do you think that internet usage today has increased, or decreased?

If you guessed that the answer is increased, you’re right on the money!

The internet is more pervasive than ever before, and even more complex with the mass-adoption of smartphones and tablets. And what will happen to the competitive landscape when ‘The Internet of Things’ adds a seemingly mind-boggling number of devices to the always-connected digital world?

We think about these things and plan solutions so that you can focus on your business.

A great internet advertising plan in Ottawa starts with a great website.

Our Internet Advertising Plans Help You Grow

By doing careful research and anticipating the market, we are able to craft exceptional internet advertising plans that give you great return on investment. Our internet advertising plans are customized for your company. When you come to us for an internet advertising plan, you’re not getting something that we reuse every month. You’re getting a brand new, tailored-to-your-business plan that is engineered specifically to help you grow.

By listening to you, so that we can understand your needs. Then we collaboratively develop a plan that often includes channels like Google AdWords and Display, DoubleClick’s premium channels, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+… and a variety of niche channels that are highly effective, but relatively unknown to your competitors.

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