As a smart business owner, you already know the importance of a business plan. Guiding you through each stage of growing your business, it acts as a GPS for your organization. Smart business owners also know the importance of a marketing plan, but sometimes that path isn’t quite as clear. Some operations excel in the social media world, some prefer the immediate results of PPC while others are better suited to traditional broadcast media. Determining the right marketing strategy can be a murky process to sort out. Fortunately, there are professionals who can help to guide you in the right direction, or even handle your marketing for you.

An effective marketing plan will help you to promote your business’s services/products and more importantly fulfilling your audiences needs. Once you identify your target market and understand how your services meet their needs, you’ll want to then identify your competitors and find their strengths and weaknesses through a competitive analysis. This will help you to determine which of your customers’ needs you can meet better than your rivals can.

You already know who your potential customers are, but do you know how to best reach them? How does your target market consume information?  Is traditional print and broadcast media the way to go? Or are you more likely to connect with consumers through digital marketing channels? If you’re planning to go the social media route, which platforms do your customers use? You’ll want to determine where your customers spend their time and focus on these platforms. Establish a content plan that can be implemented internally and then execute your strategy by posting branded content on these specific platforms.

A multi-channel and integrated platform approach will create a seamless brand experience across channels for your customers. Whether your customers are on social media, visiting your website, or listening to a radio ad, they are hearing the same “voice” and messaging, gently tailored to specific niches. This strategy unifies the various marketing methods, keeping your messaging consistent.

Aim for consistency makes all the difference when trying to be at the top of your audience’s mind. By maintaining a posting schedule and adhering to it, you’ll keep consumers interested and sometimes even looking forward to your next marketing effort. This can mean regular blog updates, a monthly newsletter, refreshed website or daily social media posts. You’ll keep your customers engaged with your brand and demonstrate your own interest in engaging with them. Also, by keeping current and offering helpful information, products and services that are topical and relevant, you’ll enjoy better results for your efforts.

You’ll also want to segment your markets. Rather than sending out the same email blast to everyone on your list, segment the list and tailor your message based on each recipient’s tastes & needs, actions taken from previous emails, and which stage of the funnel they are in. You’ll reduce the number of unsubscribes, achieve better open rates and get better results overall. This strategy also applies to social media platforms, keyword strategy and even the time of day you post. The content you create and the language you use should be tailored to your audience. Speaking their language will take your farther.

A multi-channel approach will reach consumers wherever they are, and even work to support each of the other elements of your strategy. Your social media efforts will lead customers to your website. Your organic SEO efforts can lead to lower PPC prices. Direct mail can lead to phone calls. Wherever your potential customers are, they can be reached, and converted.

Are your marketing efforts not working? If you are not getting the results you want, there are solutions available. An audit of your business with the help of a 3rd party marketing specialist can help your business to recover and begin to flourish. Developing a marketing plan that is right for your business will have a large impact on your company’s revenue.

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