Like most businesses, you have a website and a presence on several social media platforms. So far, so good, you have some likes and followers, but things are a little dull. You’re just not seeing the magical results that other companies are achieving through their online marketing efforts.

Just like in other areas of business, “Build it and they will come” is an untruth. With millions of things jostling for people’s attention on the internet, you need to give people a reason to engage with you and your brand. Some businesses do it poorly, treating their websites and social media accounts as a soapbox. Others excel in online marketing by engaging their audience. Unsure where to go from here? Read on for a few tips to encourage online engagement and take your website and social media to the next level.

Look after things at home– There is no point in engaging your audience and getting them excited about your brand if you lose them when they visit your website. Enlist the help of professionals to perform a site audit. An agency can optimize your website’s functionality, improve your conversion rates and add ways for customers to get in touch with you, such as a contact forms and live chat.

A digital marketing agency will also improve your website’s SEO value, positioning it to attract even more search traffic- key to finding people who are looking for you. In conjunction with this strategy, the agency may also integrate a blog into your website. This will not only serve to engage website visitors but will also assist in improving your search engine placement. An agency can even write these blog posts on your behalf, ensuring they are SEO-optimized and filled with the topical, engaging content your customers want to read.

Staying in Touch– Another great way to build audience engagement is through email blasts. Newsletters can still be wildly effective if done right, utilizing the latest tools designed to customize your message to individual readers and grow your email list. These eBlasts present an excellent sales opportunity for your business, with the ability to tailor your offers to specific readers, improve click-through rates and deliver news